A simple yet powerful vocabulary builder app for GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS preperation

Here we have a well organised app of 1500 high frequency GRE/GMAT words which are grouped in 29 sets,to keep all the alike words together.

Why Choose WordsApp?

WordsApp is more than just a Vocabulary app.


Each word in the app has mnemonics to help you remember words easily.

Easy Grouping

With 13 Super Groups and 117 sub-groups WordsApp offers most diverse grouping of words.


Now listen and learn. Words are the new song.

Beautiful Design

Aesthetic beauty of the app will give a great learning experience!

Features & Details

Detailing so sick that words will feed in your brain!

Easy To Understand Meanings

Each meaning in the app written in easy to understand words. If not that, words with more than one meaning are also mentioned.


App offers audio and written pronunciation of each word. Cause just learning words is not enough

Sample Sentence

You know the word, you know the meaning. Now let's use it in a sentence.

Synonyms & Antonyms

Synonyms and antonyms are easy way to learn similar words and help you differentiate amongst words.

Share Words

Yes, you can share words and meanings with your friends and families with the app of your choice.

Bookmark Words

Bookmark words and save them for later reference.

Added Features

The Explore and Home page are so rich with features!

AudioBook By WordsApp

The first and only app to provide Audio files to listen and remember words. Groundbreaking much.

Flash Cards

App offers 13 decks of flash cards. Now you can revise words at your own pace.

My Flash Cards

Create your own custom flash cards by just bookmarking a word!

Search Words

Learnt a word and want to quickly revise it? Just search the word here and you are good to go.

Word of The Day

A new day, a new word.

Super Learn

Our word grouping game is strong. How about learning randomly? Well, we took care of that too!

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Here we have a well organised database of 1500 high frequency GRE/GMAT words which are grouped in 117 sets,to keep all the alike words together.
With meanings, use in sentences, root, pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, word remembering techniques and for future will integrate an image which will help user understand and remember word.

Our Team

We're a team of two people.

Mukul Pathak

App Designer

Yashwanth Korla

Ionic Developer




Bengaluru, India


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