Mukul Pathak About

I'm a creative-cognitive mind looking for solutions to real world problems and in the process learning new technologies. With around 3 years of professional experience and with multiple personal technology product development, I have acquired knowledge which is ready to serve the real world. I have a good hands on experience with Python in data analytics and data science. Now, with a good study of business strategies, analysis and marketing I am representing myself as a complete package when it comes to dealing with any technology related business analysis. I feel my hands-on experience in various technologies comes a lot handy for me while problem solving. Hence, making me a desirable candidate as a Business Analyst.

Talking about my personal projects, I think highly of edu-Music which is a self planned tech designed to help learn bookish knowledge with the help of music. It is an ideal deep learning & audio style transfer project to help children learn. With my experience I have a good knowledge of python, SQL, visualization, business processes, business analytics, machine learning, deep learning bits and pieces of AI, product development, product management, leading a team of developers and most importantly being a hard working team player.